White Vintage Reproduction Tobacco Basket

13"x13" White Signature Mini Vintage Reproduction Basket

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Our signature flagship design, these mini tobacco baskets are roughly 13"x13", although they vary just a tad since they are shaped and woven by hand. Our stain is homemade in small batches and applied in three separate coats to each basket, making them unique and deliciously vintage. A coat of white chalk paint is then applied to give a fresh feel to a traditional design.

This little tobacco basket gem sits perfectly on shelves, hangs gorgeously with small wreaths in the center, hangs on gallery walls...the list goes on.  What will you use it for?

Because this item is handmade just for you, please allow 2-3 weeks for production before you receive your item.

*Please note that these are for decoration only.  We design them to be light and easy to move and style.  They have not been tested for durability when being used to carry items, suspend items from or in, or as a tray for heavy décor pieces.

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