"Forever in love" Canvas Poster

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Even after all this time, you are still you, I am still me and we are still us forever in love- in black ink // Cotton Canvas Wall Banner with Wood Trim

This sign would be a great addition to your farmhouse decor!

Two options- 
Canvas framed with wood and twine as pictured-
Medium- 9.5x12 inches
Ex. Large- 14x20 inches
(Size in picture above: 9.5x12 inches)

This handmade 100% cotton canvas banner measures approximately 9.5” x 12” or 14" x 20" and comes with a natural walnut wood trim & twine attached for easy hanging. All canvases are made with professional canvas sheets and pigment ink. The neutral white & wood colors allow this banner to go with any style of decor. This item ships in a box, the canvas is lightly rolled. Shipping this way gives the canvas maximum protection. 

+Because this sign is handmade just for you upon ordering, please allow a few weeks' lead time before shipping to allow us to cut, sand, stain, dry, and paint! We thank you for your patience!