8 Tips on Using Farmhouse Signs in Your Space

Home is your safe place. The place you return to at the end of a long day, the place you cuddle on the couch with your loved ones, and the place you recharge your batteries. Your home decor is a way to make your safe place feel like your own. If you love farmhouse decor, check out these tips on how to add farmhouse signs into your home! 



1. Pairing your farmhouse signs with decor

When pairing your farmhouse signs with other decor it’s important to follow the theme of your space. There are many different ways to add signs into your decor. You can of course place it on the wall in a collage, or you can try placing it on a table or shelf for a more casual look, paired with a couple smaller decor items. The trick is to keep your decor in “threes” to create balance. This is also helpful if you like to switch it up often because it prevents putting several holes in your wall. You will want to keep in mind how large the space is you are working with, and if the sign is meant to be an accent or the main focus.


Farmhouse Signs with Decor 

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2. Using your farmhouse signs in a collage


Collages are a great way to incorporate your favorite family items into your space and personalize your home. You can add in a mixture of old and new items, and adding a farmhouse sign is a great way to pull it all together. Creating the perfect collage is all about balance so that your eye isn’t drawn to the heavy items. You will need filler items, which are items that do not have words. These can be shapes, wreaths, frames, etc. You can put the collage together on the floor to make sure it’s perfect before placing it on the wall. Start with your center piece, work your corners, then add your filler items to the smaller, open spaces. You can use a large sign as the main focus of the collage, or you can use a few smaller signs as an accent if the focus is meant to be on something else. Another great tip for a wall collage is to tape it out on your wall with painter’s tape before nailing. 

 Using Farmhouse Signs in a Collage

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3. Using farmhouse signs in the kitchen 

There are many different ways to use farmhouse signs in the kitchen. You want to find a sign that fits in perfect with the style/theme you kitchen, and there are so many different options to fit exactly what you are looking for. You can add in a “gather” sign, a “pantry” sign, “farmhouse” sign, a quote or saying, or this is also the perfect place to add in something funny and relatable!

 Kitchen Farmhouse Sign

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4.  How to display farmhouse signs on the walls in threes  

Placing your farmhouse signs in threes on the wall is a unique use of your space and a great way to showcase your signs. It’s best to keep it simple to avoid making the wall look cluttered. You also want to make sure all three of the signs have a similar look as well as feel so they make the perfect trio that’s bound to steal the show and leave everyone talking. Make sure to make them level, or else it can look messy!

Three Farmhouse Signs

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 5.  Picking the right farmhouse sign for your nursery

Picking a farmhouse sign for your nursery can be the perfect way to add an extra sentimental touch to your bundle of joy’s space. Farmhouse signs are often neutral and can be used again and again no matter how many times the room decor changes, which also makes them a great investment. You can add a sentimental quote/saying, or a playful sign to give their room some character! We offer many nursery and kids’ room sign options. (link to kids signs


Nursery Farmhouse Sign

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6. Pairing farmhouse signs with greenery

If you’re looking for a way to accent a large farmhouse sign without drawing away the main focus, greenery is the perfect touch. This will enhance the sign and give your space a natural feel. Farmhouse style is usually based all around a neutral color palette with small pops of accent colors and greenery will pair well with any color or style. There are many different options to find the perfect match to pair with your sign as well. You can use a topiary, wreath, or garland.

Farmhouse sign with greenery

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7. How to use farmhouse signs to accent your mantle 

The mantle is usually the first place your eye will go in a room. It usually has a large area to work with as well, and this makes it the perfect space for your favorite farmhouse sign. This is also a great place to add a custom family sign (link) which really personalizes your living space and adds a unique touch to your room. Less is usually more, so this is another great place to accent with some greenery and keep it simple! 

Custom Farmhouse Sign

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8. Picking farmhouse signs for your entry way 


Picking the decor for your entryway is important because this is the first place in the house that you and your guests will see. This is a great space to show your style and  add a personalized for your family. You can add a welcome sign (link) to help your home feel inviting, or you can use small signs as an accent to an entry way shelf/table.

Entry way Farmhouse Sign

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