Choosing the Best Farmhouse Area Rug for Your Space

"Home is where your heart is." Home is also where your feet land! It's that place where you kick off your shoes, put on your yoga pants, and squish your toes into a fluffy shag rug after a hectic day. Home reflects your style, your personality -- it's the one place you feel most comfortable just being you. Creating a space that you love to live in takes effort, but it's 100% attainable. Get started by selecting the perfect area rug to add to your farmhouse home decor! We'll help you


Things to Consider When Selecting an Area Rug:

  • Your farmhouse home decor style
  • Space you need to cover
  • Your budget
  • High or low traffic area
  • Material of the rug

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 Your Farmhouse Home Decor Style

Have you ever settled for an area rug you didn't love because you couldn't find the right color, shape, or design to fit the style of decor you already had? Shop first for an area rug that fits your farmhouse home decor style and you will avoid this common problem. Rugs add warmth and texture to a room by welcoming people into the space. Don't be afraid to make the rug a focal point. Other farmhouse design elements can be selected based on the colors and style of your area rug. If a room is neutral, consider a rug with rich, bold, or vibrant color and unique patterning to add depth and character to the room.

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Space You Need to Cover

Look at the space you need to cover and determine the size of area rug you'll need. The standard rug by a kitchen sink is 2' x 3' while rugs for living rooms generally start at 8' x 10' and go up. For living rooms, shop for an area rug that allows the front two legs of the furniture to rest on the rug. For dining rooms, rugs should extend approximately two feet beyond the edge of the table to allow chairs to move in and out with ease.

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Know Your Budget

Since rugs are often one of the last decor items selected for a room, it's not uncommon to select a cheap area rug that's "good enough." This can mean sacrificing style and durability. Choose a rug deliberately. It's where your feet are going to land day after day. Know what fits your financial needs, but understand that choosing an area rug is an investment. Chosen correctly, a well-made rug can be a durable design piece that's part of your farmhouse decor for years!

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High or Low Traffic Area

Rugs that are dark, durable, and stain-resistant are best for high traffic areas like hallways, entryways, and kitchens. Shop for rugs with a low pile (short fibers) instead of long (shaggy) fibers for high traffic areas and for use outdoors. Rugs that are pale and plush wear better in low traffic areas like formal living rooms, bedrooms, and guest rooms.

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Material of the Rug

Area rugs come in both natural and synthetics fibers. Seagrass is a durable and stain-resistant natural fiber that's becoming increasingly popular in farmhouse decor. Polypropylene is a durable synthetic fiber that does well in high-traffic areas and is great for people with allergies. Always check the type of material used in the rug for potential allergens (some people are allergic to wool), durability, and whether or not a rug is suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

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Shop for an area rug that jives with your style, fits the budget, and the space you have before determining every other design element for the space. Your area rug selection can inspire your design choices for the rest of the room, moving you one step closer to having a farmhouse home you'll love!

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